DayPilot Theme Designer lets you create CSS themes for DayPilot scheduling controls in an online WYSIWYG editor.


  • Supports Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer 7+, Safari, Opera.
  • CSS3 support (gradient backgrounds).
  • Scheduler elements: events (including duration bar), background time cells, time header, resource header, message bar.
  • Calendar elements: events (including duration bar), all-day events, background time cells, time header, message bar.
  • Month elements: events, all-day events, background time cells, day header, message bar.
  • Download the theme in a single .zip file
  • Clone and edit an existing theme.

Supported DayPilot Pro editions:

Supported DayPilot Lite editions (open-source):

Applying a custom theme

Specify the theme name when saving it. The Theme Prefix should be used as a value of Theme property.

  • Make sure the CssOnly mode is enabled (it is enabled by default in the latest version).
  • Add Theme="my_theme".

CSS theme structure

For detailed information about the theme structure and manual theme adjusting please see:

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